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Fiber Optic and Photonic Flight Documents

Table of Contents


Radiation Effects on Optical Fiber and Photonic Systems

Fiber Optic Reliability and Validation Assurance

    *  Conference Proceedings and Presentations

    *  NASA Electronic Parts and Packaging Publications & Conference Presentations

    *  Reliability and Failure Analysis

Photonics and Optoelectronics

Reliability of Laser Diodes

Lasers for Space

Lasers and LIDAR Publications 

ESA-NASA Working Meeting on Optoelectronics for Space

NASA Parts and Packaging Program Website

NEPP Deliverables

International Conference on Space Optics

    ICSO Conference 2010 Details


Radiation Effects on Optical Fiber and Photonic Systems:

Fiber Optic Validation and Reliability Assurance:

Conference Proceedings & Presentations: 

Reliability and Failure Analysis:

Photonics and Optoelectronics:

High Data Rate Communications Testbed:

Qualification Standards (Outdated, use for reference purposes only):

Other Useful Links:

The GSFC Outgassing Database

GSFC Radiation Group Website

ESA Photonic Technologies for Beam Forming Payloads

NASA Parts and Packaging Website