ISS Fiber Optic Failure Investigation

Root Cause Report

This is the Root Cause Report document in PDF format:
Root_Cause.pdf  (4.7 MB)

If you prefer to download the report in smaller files instead of all at once, here is the document broken down into 5 parts:

Root_Cause_part1.pdf  (0.674 MB)
Root_Cause_part2.pdf  (1.256 MB)
Root_Cause_part3.pdf  (0.760 MB)
Root_Cause_part4.pdf  (1.264 MB)
Root_Cause_part5.pdf  (0.880 MB)

To view this document you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available for free HERE.

For questions please contact Henning Leidecker or Jeannette Plante.